Alabama Class with a Whole Lotta’ Sass

I want to start off by saying, not everyone I write about have I had the pleasure of knowing on a deep personal level. Sometimes the mere act of watching, following and observing, will tell you everything you need to know about a person’s character.  I was invited to “like” Stefanie Burgett’s private shopping group, Shop Sassy Fans, on #Facebook by a friend. As I started to get posts flooding my feed, I realized this woman works 24/7 posting and sourcing wholesale items for women to be able to afford things they may not otherwise have the ability to purchase. This is just one of her entrepreneurial ventures. In addition to her online store, Stefanie also has a brick & mortar store, Sassy Fans and she and her husband, together, own a CBD store called Hight Tide. That’s right, from affordable finds to cannabis oil, she can spot a smart venture a mile away!

Although, thankful and blessed, business ownership comes at a price for Stefanie. Like a 15-18 hour a day, struggling to find work/life balance price. Social life? This was sacrificed long ago in exchange for the smiling faces of her loyal Sassy Fans. This is what drives Stefanie’s passion for what she does. With every adoring fan comes the not so adoring. How does Stefanie handle this? Although she has been known to put a sassy mouthed customer in their place (well deserved, I might add as a witness), she handles the unpleasantries with true southern grace. Wearing your heart on your sleeve as she does can surely be exhausting in her line of business. Often times, one negative comment from a customer can ruin her day. You certainly can’t please everyone and if you try, you will just burn yourself out but Stefanie keeps on trying.  

As I watched Stefanie from an online distance, she really began to inspire me. Wow, this girl has hustle, I thought. Maybe I want to be like her when I grow up (my favorite phrase as I am still trying to figure it out.! Looks like a proverbial piece of cake! Is my naivety for business ownership showing yet? Presenting a business in a way which makes it look like a breeze is definitely a skill she embodies. Meanwhile she says, “it’s a daily struggle to keep my head above water.” This, you would never know by her online prowess for business.

Success didn’t happen overnight for Stefanie and Sassy. It took 5 years to build her business to where it is today. Over 17k online followers on a private FB shopping group, pretty darn impressive! Not only is her online business thriving, Stefanie has made quite the name for herself in the community. As a result of her success, she has made some amazing friends along her journey but the most impressive and humbling aspect to note, Stefanie has been able to provide for those in need through gifting Christmas presents, money and gift cards all with the help of her Sassy following. We should also take a moment to thank and acknowledge those fans that have contributed so selflessly along the way. Due to Stefanie’s unwavering customer base, she is about to expand her Sassy business with a 2nd location in Tuscaloosa. What a great testament to hard work and hustle with a pay it forward mentality to boot.

As you can see, business ownership isn’t as easy as Stefanie had me believe 😊 (this illusion of course was really all in my head). She is a strong, dedicated, empowered woman who takes her business very seriously which has led to her continued successes overtime. Leaving you all with one last quote from Stefani. This really shows her love and dedication to her customers and gives you just a glimpse into the true character of who Stefanie Burgess is- Wife, Mom and Entrepreneur. “I may not make a million dollars but I make thousands of women smile with the savings I provide and that’s worth every hour I put in.” 

P.S. Ask Stefanie about her Murder Mystery hosting......

Stefanie’s favorite Southern Soul Collectives finds. “Sweaters….!! So many amazing sweaters.”

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God Bless,

Meredeth, Southern Soul Collectives


  • Southern Soul Collectives

    Yes Nitasha! She is definitely a diamond in the rough.

  • Nitasha M Wilhelm

    I first met Stefanie when she came over to my house for a meet and greet so I could start babysitting for her. I had no idea who she was at the time because I was new to the area. She came in and was very nice. After babysitting for a while, I started to buy from her. I bought so much from her. I am still a loyal customer. She has always done me right and has become one of my favorite friends. She is ambitious, dedicated, and hardworking. She is what I strive to be like her. She has a BIG heart and has so much compassion. Good luck to her on her newest endeavors.

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