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Finding Your Perfect Fit in an E-comm World of Shopping
I have a tendency 1. to never measure and 2. order sizes too big. In my mind I am thinking, well… I can either cinch it, sell it or eat my way into it! Don’t online shop like me, obviously!
Are the Upcoming Fashion Trends of 2022 for Everyone?
As we inch closer towards 2022, I bet you all are wondering what fashion trends await us in the New Year. Do “trends” even apply to those of us over 40? Maybe not in their totality, but we can still take age- appropriate fashion queues from the younger fashionistas and what they are able to pull off, youthful skin and all.
Alabama Class with a Whole Lotta’ Sass
With every adoring fan comes the not so adoring. How does Stefanie handle this? Although she has been known to put a sassy mouthed customer in their place (well deserved, I might add as a witness), she handles the unpleasantries with true southern grace. 
Wondering What a Shacket is? Me too….
According to fashion bloggers (a lot more experienced than me) this mystical, mystery outerwear is a cross between a shirt and a jacket. Pretty obvious, right? The wonderful thing about this new hybrid wear is that it is suited for...