Are the Upcoming Fashion Trends of 2022 for Everyone?

As we inch closer towards 2022, I bet you all are wondering what fashion trends await us in the New Year. Do “trends” even apply to those of us over 40? Maybe not in their totality, but we can still take age-appropriate fashion queues from the younger fashionistas and what they are able to pull off, youthful skin and all.

As I have been reading different sources, one thing is for sure, “street style” is where it’s at. What does this actually mean for those of us who live in yoga/joggers all day?  It turns out, according to Google, we were trendy and didn’t even know it. Well.. what we consider casual & comfortable isn't quite what the fashion "experts" had in mind. 

Street style in general is a more casual look which is comfortable to wear and to walk the streets in (this sounds like fishy business). To be comfy in every situation in your daily life. Street style is very trendy and fashionable.

Now that we know we are cool and didn’t even know it, let’s try and up our stretch pants game in 2022 with these hot styles for a new year.

Beanies- Not just your average beanie, but a bright colored beanie, specifically noted around the net, the color yellow. Keeping your head warm has never been so stylish. If you are beanie lover, you know these fashion forward accessories never went “out of style.” Bad hair day, yep beanie. Brooding teenage look, definitely a dark colored beanie. Actual cold head, even better, yes, beanie please. Let’s continue to rock these noggin’ covers straight into ‘22.

Bold prints- whether a jacket and pants or anything in between, prints are raging. Once again, a heavy nod in the color yellow’s direction. Florals and custom artwork on clothing are a close runner up for what’s to come. Get out those markers and start decorating those jeans, ladies! Graphic t’s will continue to be a trend carried over from the early 2000’s. 

Wide legs- The late 70’s/early 80’s called and said they are bringing bell bottoms and Chrissy Snow back. Pants but more specifically denim will be the favored application for these glorious come backs. My sources say, skinnies are out and oversized leg room and cropped cuts are in with high waters coming into fashion (believe it or not, we saw high waters everywhere in Paris in the middle of winter over 2 years ago, nothing like being on the fashion trend a day late and dollar short in the U.S.).

Hair accessories- leftover from 2021, accenting your hair style with chunky clips and barrettes will continue throughout 2022. Holding on to that last banana clip in the back of your drawer? Now is the time to dig it out and create that waterfall effect of hair we all knew and loved.

Crop tops and plaids- hey, its 2021 almost 2022, if you can rock a crop top, I say go for it! That ship has unfortunately sailed for me, some 20 years ago. Not only is it about crop tops, it’s also about undergarments being worn as tops either on their own paired with a bold plaid (which seem to be popping up everywhere) or peeking out from underneath that boyfriend blazer or vest. Doesn’t this trend just scream Cher and Dionne from Clueless sporting the plaid blazer, vest, skirt and knee-high socks? I’m here for it, every single bit of it, as-if. I would just like to do a lap before I commit to a location.

Take this with a grain of salt but when you start seeing yellow in the form of crop tops, bell bottoms and other bold ways to wear this color, don’t say I didn’t warn you or at least keep you in the fashion know. Happy Styling from my southern soul to yours!

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God Bless,

Meredeth- Southern Soul Collectives

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